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Snow Hill's English Springer Spaniels

Puppies Posing


Breed History

According to the AKC, American Kennel Club, the English Springer Spaniel was first recognized back in the 1880's for its natural hunting ability and as the origin of the Springers we know and love today.  Although the Springer and Cocker Spaniels may once have come from the same litter, in 1902, the Kennel Club of England formally separated the English Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniels as separate breeds with distinct characteristics and talents. 

The English Springer Spaniel, a medium sized dog, is intelligent, talented and beautiful, with excellent hunting skills.  The dogs are energetic, friendly, and loyal companions.

Snow Hill Springer Spaniels
,  based in southern New Jersey, began as a hobby with the purchase of a lovely little black and white female Springer from Megan's line. 

Twenty years later, Black Rose has founded a line of loving pets and competitive champions who bring joy to their owners. 
The hobby now consumes my time in raising a very small number of litters, then training, showing, and caring for those that will enter the show ring and those who are retired.

Stella in Snow

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Mackey & Bailey reside in Pennsylvania
Mackey and Bailey.JPG
Photo Contributed by Owner/Handler Dennis Krivacek

Springers come in both black and liver coats and occasionally are tri-colored.   Tri-coloreds have additional caramel colored markings on their ears, eyebrows, or tails. Shown, are Mackey and Bailey in dark liver. Most people have a color preference, but the dogs' personalities transcend color.


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