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Member Garden State English Springer Spaniel Club
Jackson, NJ

Member English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association


n State English Springer Spaniel Club
Our Business Philosophy

Snow Hill's puppies are bred first for temperament, then soundness, then conformity to the breed.
The smallness of our operation makes it possible to spend a great deal of time with all of our dogs.  They share both our living space and our lives.
Over the years, the Snow Hill puppies have found wonderful homes with special people.  We screen the owners carefully and place what we feel is the best match among the puppies to the appropriate owners. 
The cards and letters that we have received, as well as the photos of our charges as they grow to maturity, are treasured and enclosed in a photo album that goes with me to all of our shows.
It must be my good luck charm as Snow Hill has been very fortunate in the show ring.

Employees play an important role in any business.  The girls, Emmy Lu, Monica Shelby, Brittany, and Butterfly make sure any potential friends or customers who come to the property pass both the likeable and trustworthy test.  Boxcar and Charlie usually just act silly.

Utley in Snow

Bailey shoveling snow

Jordin in Snow

We hope you enjoy visiting our web site as much as we enjoyed providing it for you.